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Hello September | 9 Things I’m Grateful For

Um.. hello? How is it September already?

These past few weeks, I’ve noticed I’ve been a lot more reflective about my life. With this roller coaster of a year, I’ve tried to take the time really think about the things in my life that truly make it special. Trust me, it’s SO easy to get caught up what we don’t have. I’m guilty of always wanting more. But, with all of the chaos in the world, I’ve often had moments where I’ve paused to realize how grateful I am with what I have.

In honor of stepping into the 9th month of the year (it’s even crazier when I say it like that), I thought I’d share with you 9 things that I’m grateful for. This is, of course, a short list of the many things that I’m grateful for (and in no particular order), but, these were some of the things that have been at the top of my mind.

9 Things I’m Grateful For:
  1. My health. Eating well and the ability to be regularly physically active is something I’ve taken for granted. This year, I realized how much physical activity affects my mental health; it just puts me in a better mood and makes me feel empowered. Eating well (with a lot of chocolate) and working out have been what’s kept me going during my lows this year. It’s what makes me feel healthy (mentally and physically), strong, and energized.
  2. Family. I’m grateful to have a supportive family that’s got my back even when things get hard. Just knowing that they’re always there to support me is a comforting feeling, often which I take for granted. I’m grateful to be loved and cared for by them. Everyone in my family has their unique way of expressing their love, and together, they have shaped to who I am today.
  3. Friends. As I’m getting older, my priorities in my friendships have started to shift, and I’m finding myself in meaningful friendships. I’m lucky to have friends who love and respect me, and support me through my highs and lows. I’m grateful for the inside jokes, laughs, thoughtful conversations and check ins.
  4. My family + friend’s health. If there’s anything that this pandemic has taught me, it’s to be grateful for the health of my loved ones. I’m grateful that the people I love are happy and healthy.
  5. Technology. I seriously don’t know what I’d do without facetime. With social distancing and travel restrictions, I feel so fortunate to still stay connected with my loved ones. Yes, it sucks not having to see people in person as much as I used to, but I find comfort that I can still regularly communicate with them, and still be able to see their faces, even if it’s from a screen.
  6. My job. The pandemic has made me realize just how privileged I am to be able to work. The economic hardships in the past several months have made me express so much gratitude that I’m currently able to work safely in the field that I do and have the financial security I have.
  7. Living in the PNW. I just wanted to give the Pacific North West (PNW) a little extra love. I’m grateful to have grown up and been living in 2 of the largest metropolitan areas of the PNW. As much as I complain about the rain, I still love it here. The PNW is the perfect combination of nature and urban living and it’s BEAUTIFUL here! I love that I get to live in big cities and still get to explore the sea or mountains around me. I’ve also grown up immersed in a mix of different cultures and ethnicities – I’ve learned, and continue to learn, so much from the diversity (and incredible food) around me.
  8. My culture. I don’t think I really ever give my Indian culture much credit, but I’m grateful for the culture I belong to. I’ve always loved Indian food (I mean, who doesn’t love butter chicken?). But, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for the home-cooked foods. I’m talking about the channa masala, matter paneer, saag, paranthas — you name it. My grandma’s cooking can never compare. I have also been finding myself listening to more Hindi music, watching more Bollywood movies, and browsing more Indian fashion. I’m SO looking forward to the next Indian wedding that I can attend — I miss going all out and dressing up in beautiful, vibrant lenghas.
  9. This blog. I get easily frustrated when I’m having a writer’s block, or in a creative slump. It’s hard not to. However, I’m grateful to have pushed myself out of my comfort zone to channel a new creative outlet. I’m grateful to develop and learn new skills — from content creation to website design. I just have to keep reminding myself that I’m learning and growing, one blog post at a time.