ARITZIA HAUL: Summer Favorites

In high school, Aritzia TNA hoodies were a huge thing, and I could never bring myself to ask my mom to get me an overpriced hoodie just to hop on a trend. Now, Aritzia’s appeal has increased because it’s my go-to aesthetic for work attire inspiration (and now WFH loungewear). I’m drawn to pieces that are chic and put together but effortless. It helps that the quality is long-lasting and staple items seldom go out of style. The price point can be a little rough on the wallet, so I tend to shop for unique statement pieces, high-quality basics, or just a really good deal.

Speaking of, I can’t resist an Aritzia sale. Coincidentally, the Clientéle sale was for 10 days, ending the night before my birthday. What a perfect way to show some self-love and buy myself some presents! From sale day one I browsed the sale aggressively. Trust me, their stuff sells out quickly, and it’s always the stuff that you really want. At Aritzia, most of the items that I really want, but can’t bring myself to pay full price, almost always end up on sale. So unless I REALLY REALLY want something, I just keep tabs on that item until it ends up on the sale page.

Overall, I kept most of my purchases simple, comfortable, and easy to mix and match. It even worked out that all my items paired well together. Looks like you really can’t go wrong with the basics. Here’s what I got and how I mixed and matched them:

When I saw the Aki Short, I was in LOVE. Paperbag shorts are my weakness. Not only are they effortlessly stylish, but they are extremely comfortable given their structure. I was especially drawn to these because of the print. I’m not a huge print person, but the minimal print and grey color was enough for me to want to try. These also ran a size too big on me, and the website also recommended sizing down. Let’s also not forget the star of the show: the New Front Plunge Cardigan. If this website didn’t give it away, I adore blush pink so I HAD to get this. Although, this sweater comes in so many cute neutral colors, I really just want them all! The sweater is slightly cropped– it hits right where the shorts begin, although it looks like it is tucked in. I can’t wear to wear this to work once we can go to the office! I wore this with a black tank underneath for contrast, however, this would definitely look stunning buttoned up on its own. The sweater has a good structure to it but doesn’t feel heavy. I’d be comfortable wearing this all year round.

Another paper bag short look! This time, I kept it simple with the Roxboro Camisole. The baby blue is so light and refreshing for the summer; I was instantly drawn to it. When I originally ordered it, I thought it was just another cropped cami. Oddly, I don’t have many, so I was inclined to buy one as it’s a good basic item to have. The cami itself has a bit of structure and weight to it. It’s quite stretchy, and made with ponte fabric, which is this thicker double knit fabric that holds its shape. It’s snug, but it fits very well in all the right places, and for that reason I’d anticipate that it to be quite flattering on everyone.

I love this pairing of the Thermal Zip Hoodie with the Equator Short 5″ . It’s cute, but also has a sporty vibe to it. Here, I paired it with the cropped Roxboro Camisole mentioned above since the hoodie is also cropped (might be hard to tell with my hands in the pockets). The hoodie sits right on my waist, so the crop isn’t too short either. Usually, this hoodie is a work from home staple, often paired with leggings or these equator shorts. Aritzia has a range of shorts and leggings made of various fabrics. The Equator short is primarily made of cotton, so they’re not the ideal fabric to work out in (see Atmosphere Short for something identical, but sweat wicking). I’m new to the bicycle short game, and I’m not the biggest fan of them yet, although they are growing on me. So, I opted for the 5″ versus the classic 7″ or 9″ for shorts that are biker style, but not as long. They’re super stretchy, lightweight and comfortable – perfect for the summer!

Another work from home staple: The Perfect Crew. This is the softest crewneck sweater I have, both inside with a thin fleece lining, and also on the outside. I really appreciate a simple solid colored crewneck, especially since most of my crewnecks are university affiliated with logos and designs on them. This also comes in a TON of colors, from neutral to neons. I paired it with the Equator Short here, but this is also very cute with leggings. The crewneck also holds it shape very well, even after a few washes. I sized up just to have a slightly oversized feel (or you can just get the Oversized Crew, which is a little roomier and boxy) but I honestly think staying true to size would have fit me well too.

I wanted to buy a staple, basic button up that I can easily dress down for a casual look, and easily dress up for work. This Oversized Utility Button-Up is slightly relaxed fit and long, and made out of the softest material! I’ve worn button ups that are made of crisp, stiff fabric, that made me uncomfortable. However, this soft fabric makes me want to wear it all day. As it’s a staple piece, you can imagine it’s versatility. I casually paired it here with a cropped tank and the Equator Short as a lightweight outer layer, however, this shirt works so well with all the different bottoms. It looks very put together dark skinny jeans (perfect smart casual look for work!), and can be the perfect go-to look tucked under a pair of mom jeans and white tennis shoes. I’m excited to layer this with sweaters during the winter! There are so many ways to style a button up shirt – it’s never going to go out of style.

You got any favorite items from Aritzia? Or any other favorite brands? I’d love to hear about them! Leave me a comment below of some of your favorite summer pieces and go-to brands and let me know what some of your staple and most versatile (and, let’s be real — most loved) items are!