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    Favorite Fall Looks

    I used to dislike fall because I never had anything to wear. I always struggled to find outerwear during the “in-between weather” – not warm enough to wear something light, but not cold enough to wear super thick coats. To solve this problem (unintentionally), I happened to have accumulated a lot of outerwear this fall. Every time I browsed online or walked in a store, I in on outerwear. I used to make fun of my mom for doing this, but I guess the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. I’ve been loving a good neutral-colored coat with some white shoes or black booties and blue jeans (and the occasional…

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    Outfit Ideas | 5 Dressy Holiday Looks

    One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is dressing up! Dresses, heels, sparkles, and glam — this is the time of year when I get truly excited about it all! Unfortunately, there won’t be much of that this year, with the exception of my family’s Christmas photoshoot– which is our tradition. Usually done a day or 2 before Christmas, my family and I get dressed in our fashionable and glamorous outfits and take photos around our tree and decor. We’ve been doing this since I was a young kid, and it’s a no-brainer to-do for the holidays. In college, I always had to make sure I brought home…

  • The ultimate adidas gift guide
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    The Ultimate Adidas Gift Guide!

    Hello, happy weekend!! How is it mid-October already?! I don’t know about you, but the fall months always feel like a blur. One minute it’s the end of summer, and the next, you’re already thinking about all of the holidays. I know we still have weeks to go until we start thinking about holiday shopping. But, with the weather getting colder (sweater weather!!!), the days getting shorter, and Halloween right around the corner, the holidays are literally going to sneak up on us in no time. I often struggle to with last-minute gift-giving, so I have to start thinking about them early if I want to find the perfect gifts…

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    ‘Mums and Mom Jeans

    I picked up these beautiful chrysanthemums (aka, ‘mums) while I was running errands a few weekends ago. I’m not someone people would consider a “plant mom” and I normally don’t buy flowers too. My friends can attest to this. Whenever I’m given flowers, I’ll excitedly put them in a vase and put them on display, only for someone else to end up taking care of them… HA! However, these flowers caught my eye and I bought them without hesitation. I put the mums in a vase, gave them some water, and placed them where the sun can glisten on the beautiful light magenta petals. Last week, on a very bright,…

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    ARITZIA HAUL: Summer Favorites

    In high school, Aritzia TNA hoodies were a huge thing, and I could never bring myself to ask my mom to get me an overpriced hoodie just to hop on a trend. Now, Aritzia’s appeal has increased because it’s my go-to aesthetic for work attire inspiration (and now WFH loungewear). I’m drawn to pieces that are chic and put together but effortless. It helps that the quality is long-lasting and staple items seldom go out of style. The price point can be a little rough on the wallet, so I tend to shop for unique statement pieces, high-quality basics, or just a really good deal. Speaking of, I can’t resist…