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    Hello 2022

    January 1, 2022. Doesn’t that sound strange? One minute it was 2021, and the next 2022. While this is a time for celebration and ringing in the new, I always felt a strange weight on New Years. There’s always pressure to come up with resolutions and completely revamp yourself in the new year. I’m guilty of it. I’m guilty of not keeping up with some of my resolutions in the past few years. Instead of coming up with totally new resolutions, I’m extending what I’ve always been practicing and enhancing my current routine with better habits. Less pressure that way. I found that it’s hard to look forward to the…

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    BIG 2021 Life Updates!!!

    Disclaimer: This post discusses experiences crossing the border. This post is of my experiences only and does not reflect any overall processes that apply to everyone. Please do your research on crossing borders accordingly based on your current circumstances. Oops – has it really been 3 months since I last posted? This summer went by so fast – and lots of big changes happened! Just wanted to pop by here and give you all a life update, since I know I haven’t posted much here lately, and maybe it’ll make sense why. We all know that this past year hasn’t been easy. I particularly have been feeling drained in my…

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    A Week in The Bay

    Hello!! It’s been a while! I’ll be honest, this post has been long overdue. For the past 2 weeks I kept thinking about writing about my recent trip to California, but I am just NOW sitting down to write about it. I’ll be honest, I was nervous going on my trip. This was my first trip since COVID, and though I’m vaccinated, I felt anxious about being in a new environment away from my comfort zone and routine. I’ve gotten pretty comfortable being home all the time… maybe even a little *too* comfortable. But now, I’m already thinking about the next time I go on a trip – I forgot…

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    What I Do to Manage Anxiety

    Let’s be real – anxiety affects all of us and it sucks. Whether we openly talk about it, or (if you’re like me) internalize it, anxiety constantly hovers around us. I feel like I’ve constantly been on edge these days, and most of the time, I can’t really explain why or what exactly I’m feeling. Sometimes the feelings are so overwhelming I have to stop everything I’m doing just to deal. Can anyone relate? It’s not always a bad thing though – we all need some level of to motivate us. But anxiety is really good at overstaying its visit, constantly looming over us and getting into our heads. Mental…

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    We Belong

    I’m carrying a weight for the past little while. I’ve been sad, angry, and confused by all of the senseless acts of violence towards AAPI (Asian American & Pacific Islander) and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities. Every time I hear about another case of racially motivated violence, the weight gets heavier. I’m not even sure what to write, so I guess this is another brain dump of my thoughts/emotions, but I don’t want to be silent. I grew up in a predominantly Asian community and I learned a lot from the friends I grew up with- from culture, food, language (I can count to 10 in Cantonese, with…

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    Weekend Adventures, Delicious Eats & Busy Work Weeks

    These past few weeks have been LONG. At work, my team and I are wrapping up a project, so these final few weeks are crunch time. So if there’s any wonder why I haven’t posted a blog post in about a month, that’s probably why. But, I have definitely been trying to use my weekends as time for myself– catch up on errands/cleaning, and do something fun and relaxing. I’ve mentioned this in a recent Instagram post, but not every day is perfect — I have had days and nights where I’m exhausted, unable to relax, and stressed… and it’s not entirely work-related. I think it’s finally starting to catch…

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    January Recap | Vision Board, Cupcakes & Good Reads

    Happy weekend! Been a while since I have written a blog post. To be honest, I haven’t done much to warrant a blog post — I’ve been really trying to take it easy this month– but I thought I’d give a mini life update. Can you believe that this month has already passed? This year is going to fly by. Vision Board I mentioned this before: I’m not a fan of new year’s resolutions. I don’t like the idea of “new year, new me” because I believe changes can happen at any time, not every January. But, I’ve been lacking motivation lately, and I saw making a vision board a…

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    See You Never, 2020 | Lessons Learned

    Let’s talk 2020. This time last year, I was naively optimistic. 2020 was supposed to be the year of more celebrations, opportunities, and travel. We can’t really predict the future, now can we? Instead, this year was quite the opposite of what I had in mind. I have spent the majority of this year, in my room, in front of my desk, probably on zoom calls. And if I wasn’t working, I was probably in the kitchen… baking or eating. I’m sure everyone can agree this year did not go as planned. To say it bluntly… it sucked. I was anxious and fatigued through it all. Sometimes, I wonder if…

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    Holiday Baking & Cookie Boxes

    December is in full swing, and you know what that means? Holiday baking! It’s been a while since I’ve done a more personal post. I hope everyone is able to safely celebrate the upcoming holidays, or at least take some time off to rest, do something you love doing, or indulge in some sweet treats (take a peek here if you want some ideas). The December holiday season is the best, especially for baking. Chocolate, gingerbread, peppermint… Christmas flavors are some of my favorites! I’ve seen so many adorable baking creations on Instagram — from creative cakes, brownies, and chocolates. I’m more of a cookie fan, so you’ll always find…

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    2020 Holiday Gift Inspiration!

    One of my main goals when gift-giving? Gift something that the recipient will find useful. I think we’re all guilty of giving little trinkets or random items when we’re not sure what to get someone (and honestly, I’ve learned, when in doubt, just get them chocolates instead. Check this out for some ideas). When an item I gift gets a good amount of use, that’s when I know I’ve done a thoughtful job at gifting. I try to stay within a budget or aim for a price range, (aka, constantly browse the sale section), but sometimes, investing a little more for something that the recipient will truly appreciate and use…