Hi, I’m Mani,

Welcome to my site!

I am a fashion, beauty, wellness and dessert enthusiast who likes to write

Writing has always been a constant- through poetry, music, and journaling. Writing even became my job! Throughout my childhood and in my teens, I used to write short stories and poetry. Writing, coupled with my love for music (avid guitar player here), developed into years of songwriting in high school. In college, I worked as a writing tutor at the library and I helped numerous students with business and professional development writing. Putting my thoughts on paper has always an integral part of how I navigated my way through life.

I started blogging to have a consolidated space for me to write about all of my interests. I have always juggled my love for all things fashion, beauty, wellness, and food. Now that I’m in my early 20s, I thought now is a good time for me to share how I am learning to balance my hobbies, my career and “adulting.”

I know I am covering many topics here, but that is a reflection of who I am. I have many interests that I like to explore, and that will only continue to grow with each new experience in my life! Overwhelmed with the thought of having to pick a niche, I decided to deep dive into the world of lifestyle blogging and just start to write about my life!

Catch me baking with a lot of chocolate or whipping up brunch in the kitchen, browsing new fashion trends, playing with new skin/haircare routines, thinking about future travel plans, and trying new workouts to keep myself sane!

Aside from blogging, I’m a young professional with a background in Finance and Technology, and a passion for empowering women in these fields.

If you would like to connect, please email me at [email protected] or contact me!