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‘Mums and Mom Jeans

I picked up these beautiful chrysanthemums (aka, ‘mums) while I was running errands a few weekends ago. I’m not someone people would consider a “plant mom” and I normally don’t buy flowers too. My friends can attest to this. Whenever I’m given flowers, I’ll excitedly put them in a vase and put them on display, only for someone else to end up taking care of them… HA! However, these flowers caught my eye and I bought them without hesitation. I put the mums in a vase, gave them some water, and placed them where the sun can glisten on the beautiful light magenta petals.

Last week, on a very bright, sunny day I walked by my living room where the mums were and noticed that they were literally glowing under the sun. I actually stopped to admire them and caught myself smiling very slightly. If I’m being honest, I haven’t been feeling 100% lately. Granted, a lot is going on in the world right now; it can be hard to process it all and see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been finding myself overlooking my emotional health, thinking that keeping myself occupied is what’s going to get me through. No matter what I did to distract myself, I have just been feeling this weakness against the world. Rather, I actually needed a break. So, I took solace in the simple beauty of the flowers basking in the sun, momentarily giving me a break from the heaviness weighing me down. Granted, I’ll soon likely need dedicated time to truly recharge, but in the meantime, this was a nice little break from my routine to bring myself back to the right headspace.

It was also that day that I decided I wasn’t going to sulk around in my shorts and sweatshirts. I decided to dress up a little bit (nothing too fancy)– even if I was just going to stay home. While comfort is a priority and more convenient, given that I’m working from home, I missed putting on a cute outfit to enjoy the summer days in. I recently got a pair of new mom jeans that needed to make an appearance — and I have just the comfortable “feel-good” outfit.

I can go on about how much I love wearing mom jeans and how great I feel in them. They are fantastic and perfect for the summer for many reasons: they’re comfy, flattering on everyone, and effortlessly cute. Personally, I like the light wash mom jeans as they remind me of summer from the fun, casual light blue. I also say they are effortlessly cute because I can pair them with almost anything and will always look good. They are surprisingly versatile! I have worn these with a number of different styled tops — blouses, blazers, button-ups, t-shirts, cropped tops. However, no matter the style, I’ve always preferred to tuck in my tops — particularly, a t-shirt or tank. I mean, you can’t go wrong with such a simple and classic look! Low effort, comfy, and cute?! Count me in for this summery outfit for a little “pick me up.”

I learned that there is power in stepping out of my sweats and leggings to go out and enjoy the flowers and sunshine. Maybe it gave me a semblance of normalcy? I often forget that what you wear really can affect you emotionally. It ‘s easy to feel drained with the current events, the mundaneness of routine, and the hustle of our responsibilities. However, this little break in my week really made me appreciate the little things in life, take a step back and momentarily lift the weight off my shoulders. I just needed that little boost of motivation and energy to power through. Who knew a bunch of mums and some mom jeans would do the trick.

Hope you all get a chance to find yourself a similar moment, whatever that may look like for you.


  • Stacy Boswell

    I love mums, they were my wedding flowers! These are tough times we are living in right now. It is important to stop and appreciate the little things. I agree sometimes I am in yoga pants and a messy bun for days, it’s nice to wear something that you feel comfortable, cute, and confident in. These simple little things can lift our spirits and get us through the tough times. Thanks for sharing!