Cup of tea and waffles with fruit

Self Care Sundays: Overcoming the Sunday Scaries

I always get the Sunday scaries.

I could be anticipating an amazing week, and still feel this way. Even with this new virtual working environment and more time at home, the weeks feel jam-packed and fast-paced. Sometimes, it’s nice to take a day to slow things down. Often, I like to make Fridays and Saturdays as the energetic, social days– often full of travel, errands, and friends. Those are the days I want to go out and get stuff done. On the flip side, Sundays are my day to relax and take it easy.

It doesn’t always play out that way, but, I still try to be intentional with even 1 or 2 of my “feel-good” activities. Even on busier Sundays, this can translate into a delicious brunch with friends, or making sure I’m curled up in bed earlier than usual. I need to make sure I’m giving myself enough care and attention to recharge. There’s a reason people call it “self-care Sundays.” Even though my life has considerably slowed down in the past few months and I’ve learned to navigate this new “normal,” here are a couple of things I like to do to help with my Sunday scaries.

1. Extra ZZZ’s

Sleeping in is a total must for me. While I try not to sleep in too much, (otherwise I’ll get groggy), I give myself the opportunity to catch up on any missed sleep. I’m also not a morning person, so you won’t find me voluntarily waking up early on a weekend unless I have to. Besides, there’s nothing better than a good “stay-in-bed Sunday.”

2. “Treat Yourself” Brunch

Breakfast/brunch is my favorite meal, so naturally, I have to start my Sunday off with a delicious brunch! During the week, I often have quick breakfasts such as oatmeal, toast or eggs. Given that I have some more time on Sundays, I like to prepare something a little extra fun. Lately, my go-to’s have been waffles and pancakes with LOTS of fruit!

3. Hair or Face Mask (or both!)

This needs no explanation— my skin and hair need a little extra love too! I like to do an extra step from my everyday routine, and that depends on what my skin needs. Sometimes I’ll do a face mask, pore strips or an exfoliating peel. Recently, I got sample face masks with my Sephora order that I can’t wait to try! For my hair, I like to leave in a coconut oil mask in my hair for a couple of hours and wash it off at night— it works wonders for me! You can even find some of my other favorite hair masks here.

4. Bedtime Reading

I used to be a big bookworm when I was younger, and after a long hiatus from reading, I’ve recently gotten back into it. I often like to lie on the couch or my bed and get comfortable with a good book, especially before I sleep. I’ve been trying to limit my screen use before I sleep (keyword: trying), and I found that reading before bed actually helps me sleep better! What’s more, reading with a comforting cup of (herbal) tea before bed is the perfect way to end my Sunday.

5. Workout/Light Activity (optional)

For some, this may be the least relaxing thing on my list, and I know many people who actually make Sundays their rest day. However, lately, I’ve been preferring to work out on the weekends, as I tend to have the extra time. Sometimes it’s hard to squeeze in a workout after a long workday, so instead, I add some form activity during the weekend, whether it’s a long walk, a workout class, or yoga. I also try to make sure I do an extra 5-10 minutes of stretching on top of my activity– it’s so important and very relaxing! Regardless, I like to make sure I’m a little bit active and just listen to what my body needs.

Happy Sunday — I hope you get a chance to give yourself a little extra care today!