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    Embrace Change, Even if It’s Scary

    Yesterday marked 1 year since I started my full-time job, or how I call it: my “big-girl” job. Who knew so much can change in 1 year?! This time last year, I was packing my belongings to officially move to a new city, with a new job as a consultant and start “adulting”. I was fighting back tears and anxiety as I was loading up my car trunk. I felt guilty for feeling anxious — I had so much to look forward to! I had all these wonderful new experiences that I was extremely excited about, but I started to get cold feet. Change is scary, even if I’m excited…

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    Work from Home: 5 ways to be productive & stay sane

    Before the stay at home order, work from home (WFH) was an occasional Friday treat for me. Maybe my team decided to not come into the office, had a long week of weekday travel (and my flight landed at 11:55pm on Thursday), or I wanted to save my commute to kick start weekend. Regardless, it was often something I had planned and communicated ahead of time to focus and recharge outside of my normal work environment. Then came COVID-19. I didn’t mind working from home at the beginning. It’s great not having to commute, sleeping in a little, staying in my PJs, no makeup, and my whole kitchen at my…