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    My 5 Easy Tips for Healthier Hair

    Let’s face it, sometimes having the hair of our dreams comes at a price. Who doesn’t love a perfectly painted balayage, or endless options of hair styles and textures? Hot tools, hair color and even the weather affects hair health, and can really take a toll on or precious locks. If you’re anything like me and find it difficult to forego your styling tools (at the very least a hair dryer), have color treated hair, or just want to find more simple ways to add more life to your hair, here are a couple of tricks I incorporated into my routine to help minimize some of the damage (so I…

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    2021 Holiday Favorites

    It’s November, which means it’s shopping season for the best time of year…. HOLIDAY SEASON! I’m sure many of you are compiling your wish lists and figuring out what to buy for your loved ones- I’m doing the same! I’m someone who likes to gift thoughtful, useful and practical gifts. Here’s what I think when I’m gift shopping: Has this person expressed interest in this item? Will they actually use it? Is this something that fits their lifestyle? I thought I’d share some of my favorites that I hope will inspire and help you during this gift shopping season. With Black Friday coming up- hopefully you’ll get some great deals!…

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    Chocolate Chunk Espresso Cookies

    So these may be one of the best cookies I’ve made till date. Chocolate + coffee = happiness. And what better way to enjoy happiness than in cookie form? So here’s another cookie recipe for all you coffee lovers! I made some slight adjustments to my beloved Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies from Tasty (which I use as the base of all my chocolate chip cookie recipes) and gave it a little kick of espresso. These cookies are seriously so good – and even better if you have a little patience. 😉 Yes, I let this dough sit overnight in the fridge — totally optional but SO worth it. I…

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    Sweater Weather | 5 Favorite Fall Looks

    Happy weekend! I can’t believe it’s November — the time is going by really fast! These days, I’ve just been spending most of my time at home, apart from the occasional errand run. So, it’s been a lot of athleisure and loungewear for me. But, I LOVE fall fashion, especially sweaters! It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of the colder months. I miss getting cute and cozy when I’m out and about so I thought it would be a fun activity to put together a few fall looks! I definitely got inspired after playing around with my sweaters and I wanted to share some of my favorite looks: Sweater:…

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    Great Skincare Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive!

    Oh, the things we do to have great skin! We all have our own skincare concerns, favorite products and beauty secrets that we swear by. Trust me, I’ve spent what feels like countless hours shopping for the perfect skincare products. The search never ends! I used to think I had to buy the best of the best products in order to achieve the perfect skin — that meant having to spend a pretty penny for it. I’ve tried it all sorts of brands, from drugstore finds and popular skincare lines from Sephora, to luxury brands. Let me tell you right now that you don’t have to break the bank for…

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    Sephora Welcome Back Sale – 5 Makeup Finds

    Sephora’s having their “Welcome Back” sale this week and I used that as the perfect excuse to shop for some new makeup! Sure, I have not been wearing makeup regularly like I used to, but this sale was the perfect opportunity for me to get a couple of items I’ve been eyeing for a while (and maybe get back into my makeup routine before I forget how to wing my eyeliner). Trust me, I’m no pro when it comes to makeup, so I look for products that are easy to use and versatile. I got a 5 from Sephora: 3 I have never tried before, and 2 staple items to…

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    5 Favorite DIY Hair Masks Inspired by My Mom

    My mom has always reinforced the value of investing in a good hair and skin care routine. It’s no question my beauty routines have been inspired by hers— particularly hair care. Everyone in my family knows about my mom’s fixation over beauty. They would talk about how she would always experiment with her beauty routine and how she could spend all of her time doing so. Particularly, she enjoys making DIY masks— it’s she’s been doing for a LONG time. Even today, she’ll tell me about the latest products she extensively researched and persuade me to try (in fact, most of my favorite skincare products I talk about here are…

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    Does Skincare Matter in Quarantine? Yes.

    One of the first things I realized when stay at home/lockdown orders were initiated was how I was going to totally revamp my skincare. I was stoked. I was excited to not wear makeup every day and channel my energy every morning and night to my skin. My skincare routine has always been very simple: facewash, moisturizer, eye cream. Since March, I’ve added a few new products to my usual routine, but overall, kept it fairly simple. I have combination skin – a little dry in the cheek, chin and upper lip area, and quite oily in the t-zone (nose and forehead). While I don’t actively get a lot of…