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Sephora Welcome Back Sale – 5 Makeup Finds

Sephora’s having their “Welcome Back” sale this week and I used that as the perfect excuse to shop for some new makeup! Sure, I have not been wearing makeup regularly like I used to, but this sale was the perfect opportunity for me to get a couple of items I’ve been eyeing for a while (and maybe get back into my makeup routine before I forget how to wing my eyeliner).

Trust me, I’m no pro when it comes to makeup, so I look for products that are easy to use and versatile. I got a 5 from Sephora: 3 I have never tried before, and 2 staple items to restock. I got so excited about my purchases I created a simple look using only the 5 products. They are seriously so quick and easy to use!

I love how these products together created a natural look with pink hues. I look forward to using them with my other products!

Here’s what I got my hands on at Sephora:

(links to products are in each header — not affiliated, just wanted share!)

FENTY BEAUTY – Match Stix Trio

I’ve been wanting to try FENTY beauty for SO long! Rihanna is a makeup genius with this product (and probably her whole line)– from the formula to the packaging. The formula is super light feeling and the product is very easy to blend with your fingertips — it almost has a powdery feel to it. I also can’t even being to tell you how excited I got when I realized the sticks were magnetic. It’s those little details!

I got the trio in the shade tan 300, which includes colors caramel, truffle, and rum. You can actually buy each stick individually, but the trio to be the more cost-effective option, and each set is curated to look good together. Since there are only 4 trios, I knew I was gambling on finding the set with the concealer stick closest to my skin tone. This is probably not the right way to pick makeup products, but my skin’s tan and the trio’s name is tan, so I figured I’d give it a shot (although, I don’t recommend doing this unless you’re confident the shades will match)!

Luckily, the colors worked well with my skin. As I’m still trying to figure out how to contour, I also wanted a product that is easy to use for the beginner. The sticks definitely make it easy to apply the product exactly where you want it to go. The concealer is very close to my skin tone, but slightly a little too orange. Instead, I apply it under my concealer as a base and “color corrector”. The highlighter is by far my favorite of the 3. The rum color is a bronzey rose (is that even a thing?). I love the slightly pink tone, which can also as a shimmery blush. I have even used this as an eyeshadow (love a good multipurpose product). This is the perfect product to achieve a warm shimmer!

Marc Jacobs – Two Enamored With You Lip Gloss Set

When I think of lip gloss, I think of the old school sticky, glittery lip smackers I had as a preteen. Yikes. I had always been lip gloss adverse, but a few months ago I tried it again to give it another chance. Who knew there are lip glosses out there that didn’t feel sticky or tacky?!

I opted for this mini lip gloss set so I can try them out, and I figured since I don’t use gloss that often, they’ll still last a while. Given that I really like some of the other Marc Jacobs makeup products (I’m looking at you, pencil eyeliner), I trusted that I will like the glosses too. These glosses have a slight tint of color to them and are SO shiny. The set includes the shades, Sugar Sugar and Pink Parade. I wasn’t a huge fan of Sugar Sugar, as the nude color is too light for my skin. However, I used it as a top coat on top of my lipstick and it really added a pretty shine! I really liked Pink Parade, as it looked more neutral against my skin tone. I also appreciate that they gave my lips a more full appearance, and I personally like the slight tingle from the plumper. In short, the colors in this set are not my favorite, but the formula is great. The best part? IT’S NOT STICKY!

Charlotte Tilbury – Matte Revolution Lipstick

I’m always on the lookout for pink and nude lipsticks that work well with my Indian skin tone, and I feel like the hunt never ends. In doing so, I’ve accumulated so many different lipsticks, in various shades and tones of nude. As I tend to lean towards warmer peachy nudes, I wanted to try a nude shade that’s slightly different. I have heard amazing things about Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks – my mom is a huge fan! I got the shade Pillow Talk, which is one of the brand’s most famous shades. I really wasn’t sure whether this lipstick is worth the price. Then I put it on.

Most matte lipsticks feel uncomfortable as they dry out my lips and flake. However, this one felt buttery and smooth — very hydrating and comfortable! Unlike most matte lipsticks, this formula is hydrating and adds a little bit of fullness. The mauve pink color is also very pretty, and I’d imagine it’s universally flattering. This one’s definitely worth the price, if you’re looking to spend a little extra on a lip color.

Did I mention how BEAUTIFUL the packaging is? I’m obsessed. This one’s a 11/10 and I want it in all colors.

NARS – Radiant Creamy Concealer

This is a staple in my makeup bag. Anyone who knows me knows that concealer is my #1 makeup product. If there’s one product I always need, it’s concealer. I’ve tried them all — from designer brand names to cult drugstore favorites — and none of them have worked as well as the NARS one has. For as long as I could remember, I relied on concealer to hide my dark circles, and this one does the best job. I’ve been using the same shade for years– Ginger— which is medium skin with golden undertones.

The best part? It doesn’t crease! I absolutely hate it when my concealer creases or dries out my under eyes. This formula is so creamy, it feels hydrating and blends very well. I actually prefer using my fingers to blend rather than a brush. The concealer is medium coverage and buildable, which is perfect for concealing dark circles and the occasional dark spot/blemish, without the extra weight. Since this formula feels so light, it feels like I’m not wearing much makeup at all! It’s really no surprise that this is an award-winning concealer.

(Btw, how cute is this mini version! I needed to add 1 more item to my cart to use a promo code, so I decided to buy the mini since I already have the regular size.)

KVD Tattoo Eyeliner

This eyeliner is another one of my staple products. Fun fact: eyeliner was the very first makeup product I mastered when I was in high school (surprisingly, even before concealer). I had this obsession with eyeliner, and I quickly learned how to do a thin cat-eye. Back then, I had a felt liner that had an angled tip, making it easy to apply and draw cat eyes. I used that for YEARS, up until college until it discontinued. I was devastated. I was recommended the KVD Tattoo eyeliner by a Sephora employee when I was trying to find a comparable eyeliner as my beloved felt tip. Turns out, I love a good brush tip eyeliner more than a felt tip! Applying this is SO easy and smooth. Like, it’s seriously so easy to create to draw a wing with this. I love that I can create both thick and thin lines with this to help me achieve the look I’m going for, and the color is so dark and pigmented. This is absolutely one of my favorites, and I never let it run out — I always have one in stock! (However, another one of my favorites is the Stila Stay All Day Liner if I want a thin marker-like tip instead of a brush).

Have you shopped for makeup recently? What are some of your favorite makeup finds?